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Your prettier when you suck it in

In my opinion, what people deem as physically attractive varies based on the characteristics that influence one’s initial response to others, the culture a person may come from, and the fact that people’s opinions are largely influenced by society. Because we as humans frequently judge people by the way they look, we also make the mistake of attaching qualities that we feel are good, based only on someone’s physical attractiveness and appearance; which, in turn, creates the stereotype that all physically attractive people have those qualities. 

Personally, from my own experience, I can say that I, myself, at times have lost sight of what is truly beautiful in a person; it’s not all about the looks. A person’s intellect, characteristics, and personality make-up should be the type of beauty we all look for. This should be the example of beauty we set for younger generations, not the makeup that covers up the imperfections we don’t want the world to see, because true beauty comes from within.

But what can we truly describe as beauty? For instance, what you may find attractive in a person, others may not. We do not consider that the culture people come from influences their way of dress and appearance. For example, what we may find attractive in our North American culture, is very different from what a Middle-Eastern culture would find beautiful. Another example of this would be in countries that have a high poverty rate. In a country with high poverty, beauty is seen in people who have a fuller figure, whereas here in the Western World, we see beauty in smaller and thinner figures.

So, my challenge to all of you, is to ask yourself what is beautiful to you, and if society doesn’t agree, ask yourself why that matters. Regardless of what our cultures and society see as attractive or beautiful, we must never forget that beauty cannot be classified into qualities that one specific individual may obtain; but that instead, there is beauty within each and every one of us that we must appreciate in our own way.


Jodi Babin (@honestydontlie)


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